Warranty Information

At Jerry's Homes, we realize how important the investment of your brand new home is to you. And our warranty assures you that in the rare event an issue develops, we are here for you. That is why your new home includes our exclusive Platinum 12·5·10 plus Lifetime™ Limited Warranty.

As a new homeowner, the Warranty and Maintenance Guide will be essential in understanding the terms of the warranty as well as the maintenance responsibilities that are required to keep your investment looking and performing as designed.

Platinum 12·5·10 plus Lifetime™ Limited Warranty
Walk-Through Orientation
Walk-Through Appointment
Walk-Through Form
Day of Closing
Utility Connections
Non-Emergency Procedure and Contacts
Miscellaneous Warranty Service Requests

For our Homeowners, please review the warranty manual provided to you and take a moment to be familiar with the sections and contact information. Should you have any questions before you move into your new home, contact your Sales Representative. Subsequently, after you have moved into your new home, you will find that our policy of Customer Satisfaction continues. This policy is designed to ensure that you enjoy living in your home as much as you enjoyed choosing and buying it!