Pre-Building Process

During the purchase process you will meet with a Jerry's Homes Sales Assistant and your Real Estate Professional to confirm the plan, lot, elevation type and any structural options.  After this initial step, you will work on the selection process in order to price your home completely before the building begins to ensure there will be no financial surprises later.

Prior to meeting with your Real Estate Professional and Jerry's Homes Sales Assistant, give some thought to color schemes. You may want to bring items to help with your color selections, such as a swatch of material, favorite accents, or framed artwork. With your ideas in mind, we can help make your dreams a reality.  You may also want to refer to the latest issues of home decorating magazines as other good sources for color and finish ideas. This will give you excellent planning tips to help you decide on an interior design scheme.

Once the selection process is completed and all pricing has been agreed to, you will sign off on the paperwork and the construction begins!