General Construction Steps in Building a Home

Jerry's Homes begins by working with the local City Planning and Zoning departments before any ground is ever turned.  Once we own the land either the development entirely or a lot within another community, we get the site ready for construction of your brand new home. The site is staked by an Engineering Firm. The basement is then dug, and the foundation walls poured. Plumbing ground works are installed and the basement and garage floors are poured.

After the required cure time for the cement the framing process begins. This process can take between 8 working days up to 15-20 depending on size of your home and weather. As soon as the trusses are sheeted we get the roofer in to shingle the home, and the siding contractor to cover the outside of the home getting it what we have termed " Dried in " then the heating, plumbing and electrical systems are installed. Once all the city inspections on these systems are complete the home is insulated and drywall is installed and finished.

Next comes cabinets and trim followed up by paint finishes. By now the driveway has been installed. The finishing touches begin with countertops, flooring, plumbing faucets, toilets, and electrical trim. Appliances are installed and the final touch of details is completed. 

As an additional benefit of building with Jerry's Homes, we complete the construction process with a blower-door test to evaluate and certify the energy efficiency of your specific home.  An outside, independent testing agency who performs this testing is involved from the blueprint stage to pre-drywall and then final walk to ensure we are achieving the most energy efficiencies possible. We then work with you to schedule a pre-close walk, then a closing date for your Brand New home.

Complete - Your home is ready for you to move in and start living your dream!