BTO Frequenty Asked Questions

Why should I purchase a new home over a used home?

Homes that have been previously lived-in come with a history, whether it's questionable repair work, leaky windows, or tired plumbing. Brand new homes are designed for the way we live today with the most up-to-date building safety standards and energy efficiencies. With a Brand new home, you get to choose your floors, cabinets, countertops and in some cases, even flex space options. And, they're all installed and ready for use from the moment you move in-with a warranty!

What are some of the general construction steps in building a home?

First of all, Jerry's Homes begins by working with the local City Planning and Zoning departments before any ground is ever turned. Once we own the land either the development entirely or a lot within another community, we get the site ready for construction of your Brand New Home. The site is staked before we trench and install plumbing, then pour foundation and frame the walls. After that we build the framework that supports the roof and install the heating, plumbing and electrical systems. Next will be roofing, lathing, insulation and drywall. Cabinets and countertops also get installed during this time. Exterior siding and masonry are now started and the driveway is poured. On the inside, we add the finishing touches; installation of plumbing fixtures and door hardware, paint the walls, install appliances. Finally, we put in carpeting and tile, paint exterior trim and turn on the electrical. As an addition benefit of building with Jerry's Homes, we complete the construction process with a blower-door test to evaluate and certify the energy efficiency of your specific home. An outside, independent testing agency who performs this testing is involved from the blueprint stage to pre-drywall and then final walk to ensure we are achieving the most energy efficiencies possible. We then work with you to schedule a pre-close walk, then a closing date for your Brand New home.

Why do options seem to cost more through Jerry's Homes than I can buy at a local home improvement store?

We believe in offering you the convenience of coordinating the purchase and installation of items such as flooring, countertops, plumbing fixtures, lighting packages, and more. It is our goal to make this process as easy as possible for you so when moving day arrives you can focus on settling into your home, not coordinating and working on installing major items yourself. In addition, many times estimates from retail outlets are very conservative and do not consider various costs which might be necessary. Lastly, retail outlets do not allow you to finance your purchases over a 30-year period.