Construction Stages

When choosing a Build-to-order (BTO), you will select the Jerry's Homes floor plan and the lot and essentially build from the dirt up according to your needs and specifications.  This is a great opportunity to build in the features and options that you have always wanted in your dream home.

At Jerry's Homes, the construction stages will be defined as follows:

Pre-Foundation - excavating, dirt work

Foundation - Pouring of the foundation, underground plumbing, backfill, basement and garage floor slabs are poured

Frame - Walls are framed, floors, stairways and the layout of the home begins to take shape. Windows are installed.  Roof begins shingling.

Pre-Drywall - Also sometimes known as the 'rough-in' stage.  Electrical wiring is run, plumbing and HVAC systems are installed.  Any specialty wiring or lighting changes must be made before this phase. Insulation is applied after city inspections have been passed.  Additional duct-sealing is performed to ensure the home seal is tight and the best energy efficiency level possible is attained.

Drywall - Sheetrock is hung on all walls and ceilings.  The drywall seams are taped then mud and sanded down to make for a smooth paintable surface.  After walls and ceilings are sanded the walls and ceilings can be textured to specifications.

Trim - Garage doors are installed and all cabinetry is installed as well as all interior doors, baseboard and casing.  Weather dependent, driveway and sidewalk pours are scheduled.

Paint - Walls and ceiling are painted with standard colors unless otherwise previously selected at start-up.  Doors and trim are painted or stained.

Hard Surface Flooring - Tile, vinyl or any solid surface, such as shower surrounds and countertops and backsplash are installed.

Mechanical Trims - Electrical trim, lights and outlets are installed.  Power is now live in the home.  Faucets, toilets, and water heater are installed and functional at this time.

Soft Surface Flooring - Carpet is installed at this point and the finalizing begins.

Finalizing -  Also considered "punch-out", final touch-up details, closet inserts, door handles and door stops along with a general cleaning. Watering of the sod and landscaping is maintained.